About Written Exposure Therapy (WET) Overcoming Barriers to Beating PTSD

Why writing is a great tool to deal with traumatic memories

Writing is ideal for introverts.

Alone in a quiet space, an introvert can think clearly and focus on the task at hand. There are no distractions and no other people to interrupt your flow of thought. 

Writing is cheap.

Pencils and paper are cheap. With structured writing exercises like DeTrauma, you can tackle the distress of traumatic memories for just five bucks.

Writing can be done at home.

Your kitchen table is nearby, convenient, and safe.  Writing exercises can be done at home, anytime.

Writing is on your schedule.

You can write whenever your schedule allows you to sit in a quiet space without distractions for 30 minutes.  

Writing is private.

You can write for yourself, in private, and you don’t have to share your writing with others if you don’t want to or if it’s not safe. You can even shred or burn the paper once you’re done!

Your pencil is your sword.

Like a warrior, you can tackle a distressing memory head-on when your pen is your sword. When you write, you are on the offense, you are in control.

Writing is efficient.

You can efficiently tackle the distress caused by traumatic memories in five 30-minute writing sessions. You can schedule these daily or weekly. 

Want to try five targeted writing exercises for five bucks?

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