Overcoming Barriers to Beating PTSD

PTSD therapy: 10 reasons people avoid it

While more than half of Americans live through a traumatic event in their lifetimes, many avoid PTSD therapy afterward. Are they just being stubborn or is it not right for everyone? 

Researchers at the University of Vienna have compiled a list of the top reasons people avoid getting mental health treatment after trauma:

  1. They want to solve their own problems
  2. They don’t believe in psychotherapy 
  3. People might think they’re weak 
  4. They don’t want to talk to a stranger about their feelings
  5. They don’t want others to know about their problems
  6. Talking about trauma is scary
  7. Therapy could damage their career
  8. They’ve had bad experiences with counselling before
  9. Their family or culture doesn’t encourage therapy
  10. They don’t trust the mental health system

Written Exposure as an Alternative PTSD Therapy

How can you tackle post traumatic stress if you don’t want to talk to a therapist? Written Exposure Therapy is a clinically proven alternative to address trauma. You write in a private place, in your own language, and you can even burn your paper after you’re done.  

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