Trauma is not the End: Written Exposure Therapy

It is easy to let trauma, anxiety, and grief overpower and take a front-row seat in your life. Often times, students and recently graduated professionals do not even recognize the influence trauma is having on them. In daily life, it can find its way into your work or study and prevent you from achieving the goals you are working towards. For each individual, it is important to recognize what this looks like in your own life.

People who suffer from trauma are at risk for many other issues: substance abuse, depression, poor health practices, poor social support. Despite these risks, it can seem really easy to sweep your trauma out of sight. But, it will not disappear on its own.

While treatment differs from person to person, it is important to face trauma head on. It should not be something you need to worry about through your entire life. It is possible to get better and thrive.

Woman writing in a notebook while listening with headphones.

Your treatment is important. When choosing to undergo treatment, through every step you should ask, how am I feeling, what do I need to do to progress, what works for me? Find ways to empower yourself. Find something that is personal, flexible, and effective. There is no one size fits all when discussing mental health treatment. At the end of the day, when it comes to your treatment, there is only one thing that matters. It should be something that works for you, on your schedule, and makes you feel comfortable through every step of the way.

Through Detrauma, try Written Exposure Therapy and conquer your trauma. Detrauama will show you that the events or ideas that haunt you do not need to be a thing of nightmares or manifestation in your daily life. Stay in control of your life, take action and live your life trauma-free.

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