About Trauma and PTSD

Will my PTSD ever go away?

A traumatic memory can be like an unwanted spam email that keeps clogging your inbox and getting in the way of your real life and work. You delete it, archive it, move it, mark it as spam, unsubscribe, but it just keeps popping up. When you try to open a different email, that means an old spam email pops up instead.  How can you get rid of it?

Your traumatic memory is stuck in the wrong folder.

That bad email is stuck in the wrong folder. When the traumatic memory was created during a terrifying experience, it got the wrong timestamp – it’s coded as if it’s happening now, in the present, all the time. It needs to be filed away in the ‘Memories’ folder with all the other things that have happened in your past, rather than continuously popping up in your inbox. Once it’s been filed away, you can access it when you want to, and then put it away when you don’t need it. 

Time to file that bad memory away.

To file that bad memory away you need to open the file and review the content in detail so your mental filing system can mark it as being in the past, and place it in the ‘Memories’ folder, where it belongs. This should stop it popping up uninvited in your present inbox all the time.    

Ready to tackle this now?

Detrauma is a set of five 30-minute structured writing exercises where you can revisit a traumatic memory, process it in detail through writing, so you can file it away in the past, where it belongs. You’ll track your progress over the five sessions.

Start now and complete the sessions in five days.

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