About Detrauma

About Us

Detrauma is a mental health app designed to deliver trauma (PTSD) treatment to people without access to a therapist. Worldwide 1 billion survivors suffer from PTSD.

We help trauma survivors get off waitlists and offer instant access to therapy. People in remote locations and those with limited health insurance and financial resources also use Detrauma.

We serve end-users who have experienced trauma and want treatment and intermediaries such as rape crisis centers, refugee services, health clinics, and domestic violence hotlines.

The Detrauma app makes evidence-based trauma therapy accessible and affordable to everyone who needs it. Detrauma’s writing exercises can be completed at home in just a week. Unlike traditional therapy, Detrauma is affordable, private, and fast. The writing exercises are based on Written Exposure Therapy, which is as effective as trauma-focused talk therapy, and is recommended by the National Center for PTSD.


Jessica Mello is strategy consultant turned co-founder who solves old problems with new technology. She built Detrauma at her kitchen table during the Covid-19 lockdown, inspired by people’s urgent need for private, effective, home-based trauma treatment.

Jessica helped lead the renaissance of Bermuda’s tourism industry, co-founding the Bermuda Tourism Authority in 2013. She previously worked at Deloitte Consulting and AECOM, holds an MBA from London Business School, and lives between Berlin and Bermuda.

Philipp Schmidt is Chairman of Detrauma and an investor.

He is the owner of an investment advisory firm focused on the language learning sector.

He previously worked at Babbel, Sony Pictures and Warner Media and holds an MBA from London Business School.